Deanna Armel

When I came to Simple Sites Serious Success in June of 2011 I had already spent thousands of dollars creating a website with a company that was "supposedly" an "expert" at creating Real Estate websites.

After more than a year of obtaining ZERO leads, ZERO traffic and ZERO exposure I decided it was time to make a change....(I know, what took me so long?) I chose to go with a Point2 system and to my great fortune, stumbled upon Simple Sites Serious Success whose website stood out among the rest- it was clever, catchy, clean, legible, informative, fun and user friendly.

However, my satisfaction did not stop there...I then made the phone call to find out what kind of people I would be dealing with. I got a human on the other end of the line! Yes! On my very first phone call to Simple Sites Serious Success I was answered by Kathy Stephens on the other end, who took the time to answer all of my questions and reassured me that her team could help me with all of my real estate website needs.

From day 1, I was informed of all details of the development process and of all of the things I could come to expect throughout. The communication from the staff was and still is second to none. What I love most about Simple Sites Serious Success is that when they say they are going to do something, they not only do it, but they do it with passion, sincerity, professionalism and with a pursuit of perfection.

Not only do I have a beautiful looking website but I have a website that is generating tremendous traffic, google placement and most of all, consistent and legitimate leads!

Oh and one more thing- I'm not normal. I am extremely detail- oriented and have unusual high expectations with everything I do...which translates to the fact that I can be that one client that is very hard to please or that one client that always has something go wrong.

With Simple Sites Serious Success, I have never had a moment where I was not completely satisfied and as a matter of fact, I have only been constantly in awe of the way my expectations have been exceeded over and over with both premium craftsmanship and excellent communication.

Larry & Deanna Lynch

Larry and Deanna Lynch

In advertising, out-sourcing has always been the norm. During our years working in that business, we spent a lot of time researching and working with free-lance vendors, including engravers, retouchers, printers, photographers, directors, designers, art directors, website builders, copywriters and media planners. When we made our transition to real estate, we were able to utilize some of the same people. Unfortunately, although our first website won design awards, it lacked functionality (no link to our MLS info and the lead capture didn't work very well) so we were soon scrambling to build another kind of site. Our research for the second incarnation led us to Point2, but although our first effort there had the functionality, the design was underwhelming. Our advertising venders couldn't, or wouldn't, work with the templates, so for several years we had a site we didn't feel good about. We worked with a couple of designers on Point2's referral list, but we didn't get the function/design balance we were lo0king for.

This was the situation when we found SimpleSites, a company which has worked well for us. Having Kathy as our account executive, we have been relieved of the researching task. She is interviewing the designers, copywriters, SEO gurus, social mavens, etc. And since Kathy is now coordinating the projects, as well, we are free to do other things, like service all these leads our site is generating!

If you are ready to move to the next level with your website marketing, we highly recommend Simple Sites.